Another way you might look at pain in your life . . .

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2016


I’m not a philosopher but I’ve done and gone through a lot of things in my life. 

I grew up in Ireland.  I became a teacher.  I went to live in California.  I became a lawyer in Silicon Valley.  I returned to Ireland where I did many things, including being an in-house counsel.  Eventually I got a job in the Central Bank of Ireland (similar to the Federal Reserve in America). 

I went to India and trained to become a yoga teacher.   I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for the last two years.  I absolutely love it.  I also include readings and poems in my classes.   I am blessed to start seeing people look at their lives differently.

I trained at the Mayo Clinic to become a wellness coach so that I could help people more.  I facilitate people to access their internal strength so that they can be stronger and more confident on the outside. 

I enjoyed all of these things and got tremendous satisfaction from them. 

Like so many people, I’ve gone through my share of pain during my life.  I won’t go into that here.

For the last while, I’ve been seeing that pain differently than I used to see it.  I’ve seen it as a way to show me that I can help and resonate with people who have also gone through pain or are going through pain.

One way I see pain now is that it’s like soil.  Soil is messy but it is rich.  It has the nutrients to grow everything we have on earth.  It enables plants to flourish.

Soil nurtures the seed.  We don’t see the seed’s growth for a while.  Meanwhile, the soil is helping to nourish something beautiful that will ultimately enrich and help other beings. 

The plant evolves into something bigger and wondrous.  The soil continues to nourish it.

Pain can be dark like the soil.  It changes us.  It causes us to grow.  There will be difficult periods but eventually we try to put our heads above the pain.  The pain will always be there but like the soil it is nourishing us to evolve. 

The pain can help us to enrich other people.  We can understand the depths of human feeling better.  We can empathize.  We can reach for more patience sometimes.  We can tell our story of how we were able to overcome certain things in our life and hope that it helps the person we’re talking to see that there can be an end to the pain.

I hope this helps you to look at pain in another way.  It can nourish our growth.   It can enable us to help other beings.

Live Your Life.  Make Your Difference.


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