Dr. Phil reveals one way to feel more confident

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2016

Self-confident people have an energy that people admire.  It can range from a quiet and peaceful energy to one that is more outgoing and active.

Although self-confidence plays such a significant role in our lives, many of us struggle with it. 

We can learn to become and feel more confident.  It's a matter of building it and reinforcing it.

Use these pieces of personal wisdom to help you think differently about yourself at work.  Inspire yourself to take small steps, feel more comfortable in your own skin, find your voice at work.  “Finding your voice” means different things to different people.  Go with whatever it intuitively means to you. 

Some quotes give recommendations, others talk about how to see yourself differently.  I’ve also included quotes about accepting yourself and using your emotions in favor of yourself rather than against yourself.

1. Dr. Phil McGraw

Dr. Phil is the host of the television show Dr. Phil, a psychologist, and an author.  He first became famous in the 1990s when he started appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  The snippet of wisdom I’m sharing comes from insight he gave to Oprah's online audience.

Dr. Phil started off by saying that few of us always feel confident, our confidence fluctuates.  In certain settings, he said that his self-assurance can waver.  According to Dr. Phil, if you’re brimming with confidence in one area of your life, you’re a good candidate for building it up in another.

2. Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay)  is a zen master, poet, peace activist, and spiritual leader at Plum Village in France.  Thay’s dream was to build a “Beloved Community” to create a healthy and nourishing environment where people can live in harmony with one another.  Plum Village is the realization of this dream.  Thay is also an author and in his book, The Art of Power, he writes that “true happiness and true power lie in understanding yourself, accepting yourself, having confidence in yourself.”

3. Robert T. Kiyosaki

Robert T. Kiyosaki is an author, business man, and media personality.  Robert is best known for his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.  His teachings encourage people to educate themselves on financial issues and be more active in investing for their financial future.  Robert says that people who win are not afraid of losing and that failure is part of being successful.  He goes on to say that if you avoid failure, you will also avoid success.

 4. Trish Blackwell

 Trish Blackwell is an author, confidence coach, and fitness professional and inspires others to live with more confidence, from the inside out. She is particularly interested in people who struggle with negative body image and eating disorders.  In an interview with Naomi Arnold.

Trish spoke about confidence as having the ability to change everything about how you experience life.  According to Trish, it is important to saturate our minds with the “right truths about ourselves, about life and about our potential.”

5. Dr. Spencer Johnson

Dr. Spencer Johnson is the author of Who Moved My Cheese? and the co-author of The One Minute Manager.  In Who Moved My Cheese?, Spencer writes that what we’re afraid of is never as bad as what we think or imagine it will be.  He goes on to say that the fear we build up in our mind is worse than the reality of the situation.

 In the book, cheese is a metaphor for things and circumstances in your life.  Spencer’s idea is that change happens and circumstances change.  You can’t control change or depend on things remaining the same.  The message is don’t depend on the status quo; your “cheese” can and will be moved.  Instead, seek out new opportunities.

Until next time . . .

Live your life.  Make your difference.


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