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How to Show People that You Value Them . . .

Jan 14, 2017


Some people are more important to us than others but how can we ensure that they don't feel neglected?

Continuing on in my series from Dr. Mark Goulston’s teachings in, Get Out of Your Own Way, I’m going to show you a way to let people know how much you value them.

It's called the the Three C's and it will enable you to make sure that each person who is important to you does not feel neglected.

The Three C’s - to show people that you value them:

  • Concern.  Allow the person to express their concerns, frustrations, fears and worries without jumping in or speeding them up.
  • Curiosity.  Be interested in them before they ask for your interest and be specific.  For instance, rather than asking them, “how was your day,” ask them, “how did your project turn out?”  This demonstrates that you know about and care about the details of their life. 
  • Confidence.  Show that you trust their ability to handle difficulties in their life.  Rather than jumping in with advice, ask them a question, such as “What do you think you’ll do next?” or “When will you let them know your decision.”

Keep in mind, “if you make people feel important, they won’t feel deprived of your time.”

Live Your Life.  Make Your Difference.

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