Playing it safe . . .

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2016


“Playing it safe” is a chapter in Dr. Mark Goulston’s book, “Get Out of Your Own Way:  Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior.”

He’s referring to not taking chances in life and what we miss out on when we don’t take them.   Of course, there are times when it is better to play it safe, but if we do it all the time, we will probably end up sorry.

Dr. Goulston says that in the end, “we regret not what we have done but what we have not done.”

He tells patients who want to change their direction in life: 

·         Close your eyes

·         See your inner vision for yourself

·         Go in the direction where that leads you

You might waiver and meander here and there, but you will experience a lot more of life. 

And you will be able to see beyond the horizon.

Complete this sentence from Dr. Goulston:

"If I could change my life right now, I would ____________________________________________________


Write it down.  If you don't take action, it won't be done.  You owe it to yourself :)

Live Your Life.  Make Your Difference.

Fear of failure is something that many of us experience. To learn how to let it go, get my Cheat Sheet here.

Each person's experience in life and at work is different, I'd love to hear about yours. Please leave me a comment below!

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