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Staying in Your Comfort Zone

Feb 25, 2017

According to Dr. Lois Frankel, New York Times best-selling author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, most people want to emulate those folks who are enthusiastic, take risks, and have a “can do” attitude.  They find them more charismatic than people who stay in their comfort zones.

Women tend to stay in positions too long because they’re concerned about getting in over their heads.  Only if a woman is 100% confident that she’ll meet the requirements for the job will she consider putting herself forward for it. 

Men are more willing to put themselves forward for “stretch assignments.”  These are assignments that they’re not familiar with but want to prove that they can do them.

Sometimes women will refuse an assignment they’ve been singled out for because they feel they don’t have the right qualifications for the job.  This is a big mistake.  It’s a way to eliminate yourself from future opportunities.

More and more, people who stay in the same job for too long are seen as being complacent and perhaps not staying up with cutting edge developments in the field.

So staying in your comfort zone could mean you’ll be staying behind.

Dr. Frankel has some insightful recommendations about staying in your comfort zone.

  • Unless the responsibilities in your job change significantly, look for a new position every three years – five years maximum.

  • If your fear of failure is causing you to avoid jobs that you could do with a minimal amount of training, address this (I have a cheat sheet on fear of failure and you can access it here).

  • Keep up with developments in the area you’re working in by taking classes or reading relevant books or journals.  You’re not growing if you’re not learning anything new.

  • Expand your portfolio of skills by volunteering for assignments that require you or enable you to learn new skills.

Make your difference in the world by truly living your life!

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Let me know some of your experiences with your comfort zone!

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