Understanding your values

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2016

One of the most profound experiences you have in your life is the moment you realize that you are a distinctive person, that there is no other on this earth quite like you.  As an old Irish writer put it, “Your like will not be in it again.”

Each of us is honoured with this gift of being one of a kind, this uniqueness.  You are the only one who sees your life the way you do.  You are the only one who feels the way you do.  You are the only person who occupies your reality and your life.

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Yes, there is a big world all around us.  We perceive, encounter and experience it.  But the predominant world that we occupy is invisible, it’s the interior world that’s within us. 

When our perception is born, there is an empty space.  We bring in different species of perception and make them active in us.  Each one of us creates a different world.  We move differently towards each experience.

For this week, can you begin to perceive the things that you value most in life?  What relationships, virtues, activities, and personal characteristics are important to you?  Think about your top five values.  If you keep  a journal, write about them.  If not, see whether you can write them down anyway with pen and paper.

Understanding your values will help you understand what you want from your work and your life.  

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