Recovery is Complicated...
Mentoring Makes It Easier.

As a Client, I Work With You To Develop A Set Of Tools To Manage Your Triggers,
and Your Professional and Personal Challenges to SUCCEED IN RECOVERY.

Are You Ready To Succeed In Your Recovery?
Discover How Mentoring Can Help.


Most lawyers wait too long to get help with their addiction recovery and risk their reputation. I make it easy for lawyers to get help early by providing confidential online recovery mentoring to help you succeed in your recovery and avoid that risk. When you do, you keep yourself on track at work and keep yourself and your family safe.


Avoid Relapse

We build foundations to help keep you in recovery. This is done in a respectful and compassionate way, privately and confidentially. Together we:

  • Explore the thoughts, pressures, and behaviors that could result in a relapse.
  • Anticipate risks to keep you safe. 
  • Discover the warning signs of the different stages of relapse. 
  • Build knowledge and awareness of yourself to empower you to sustain your recovery. 
  • Discover how you can internally manage shame and develop more self-worth.
  • Develop a toolkit and plan to help keep you safe. 
  • Create hope and optimism for your professional and personal life.  

Build Recovery Capital

This is "the breadth and depth of internal and external resources that can be drawn upon to initiate and sustain recovery..." (Granfield and Cloud, (2001)). Together we:

  • Inquire into the feelings of isolation and how you can make connections that will provide you with the experience of being supported and valued.
  • Identify and cultivate your personal strengths and talents, and the hobbies that give you a sense of fulfillment.
  • Collaborate on creating more self-belief and coping skills for triggers. 
  • Explore how you can "be yourself" more. 
  • Delve into what your goals and ambitions are because these can give you a sense of mastery and achievement. 

If you are committed to succeeding in recovery and building a better life now, I would like to help you.

First, I would like to ensure that recovery mentoring is the right fit for you.
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 Here's What My Clients Are Saying.

 "I would recommend Mary O'Connor to people who...worry about things..." Audrey.

 "Learning healthy productive ways to quieten my mind."  Kenneth.

" Mary helped me by teaching me to relax...the result is I feel less stressed ..."  Una.