Confidential Mentoring for Attorneys
in Recovery from Alcohol
and Substance Abuse

Expert, trustworthy, and personal mentoring from a Mayo Clinic
certified wellness coach and former attorney to help you
succeed in recovery and build a better life.



The 7 Things That All Lawyers In Recovery Must Know To
 Calm Addiction Triggers

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Here's What My Clients Are Saying

"Mary exudes serenity and calmness and I...seem to pick up on this which has helped me in turn to find that stillness which I needed so badly. 

I was in a very bad place when I joined your class...

You have helped me to slow down my thoughts and find the calm and relax...for that I will forever thank you..."  Emer.

"Mary O'Connor helped me by...Being gentle with myself.  Taking care of myself.  Accepting myself. 

The result is ongoing...I found the experience very helpful and easy to follow with no pressure and to be patient with myself. 

I would recommend Mary O'Connor to people who need tools to help themselves relax and accept themselves as they are."  Fintan.

Who Is Addiction Recovery
Mentoring For?  


My mentoring program is for lawyers who have been in recovery for a year or more. Below I give some
of lawyers who can benefit, but each attorney's triggers and recovery journey from
alcohol and 
substances are unique.  My service is confidential, respectful, and compassionate.

Junior Attorney

This is a newly qualified attorney. They became addicted as a result of their high-pressure life. They detoxed a year ago but are afraid that their struggle with addiction will impact their career in the law firm.  

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Mid-Level Attorney

This attorney has been in recovery for over a year. Their fear is that other attorneys will find out. They are worried that they will relapse and that would mean possibly losing their job and not being able to provide for their family. 

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Senior Partner

This attorney is a senior partner in a law firm and has been in recovery for three years. Their fears are that if their colleagues find out they are dealing with this, their reputation and the reputation of the firm will be at stake.  

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What Can You Expect From
Recovery Mentoring With Me? 


If my program is the right fit for you, we meet together
online, on a confidential, private, and one-to-one basis.

  • We identify your specific challenges, e.g., pressure with workload and deadlines.
  • We explore how you can manage your triggers, e.g., criticism and isolation. 
  • I help you work towards healing and changing your self-dialog and beliefs, e.g., shame.   
  • You build the inner resources and toolkit to keep yourself on track and flourish.
  • We discover how you can use your interests and talents to create achievements.
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Hello, I'm Mary O'Connor, LL.M., M.Sc.

I help you succeed in your addiction recovery so you can help your clients succeed in their legal issues. 

Your reputation is everything as a lawyer.

Succeeding in addiction recovery is complicated.

Most lawyers wait too long to get help with their addiction recovery and risk their reputation.

I make it easy for lawyers to get help early by providing confidential online recovery mentoring to help you succeed in your recovery and avoid that risk.

When you do, you keep yourself on track at work and empower yourself for each successive goal, building your reputation and image.


No Stigma. No Shame. No Judgment.

I coach attorneys to stay in recovery from alcohol and substances and empower themselves

Learn How To Calm Your Triggers
BEFORE They Overwhelm You


With the developments in neuroscience, you no longer have to
guess at what helps you to calm your addiction triggers.

The 7 Things That All Lawyers in Addiction Recovery Must Know About Addiction Triggers

The 7 Things That All Lawyers In Recovery Must Know To
Calm Addiction Triggers


Calm Your Addiction Triggers and PREVENT Relapse With These 7 Tactics

At the moment, my Guide is complimentary 

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Here's What My Clients Are Saying

"The coaching with Mary O'Connor has helped me by showing me how empowered I am. 

It quickly resulted in my realizing what a very capable person I am.

  It also resulted in my realizing that I have the inner strength to deal with anything that comes down the line to me. 

I now know that I have a lot of inner resources that I wasn't aware of. 

As a result of the coaching with Mary, I'm going to go forward with a much lighter step. 

I feel more alive and see things more clearly now. 

Mary has the gift of being able to draw things out from people. 

I felt very comfortable with Mary because she had an easy and comfortable way of talking with me. 

I recommend this coaching with Mary to anyone, particulary anyone who needs to feel more empowered in their lives or who needs more clarity in how to move forward in their lives. 

It has been a very good lesson for me."  Christine. 



I Support You To Manage Your Challenges In Recovery
And Create Your Life Beyond It