I Help Attorneys Achieve a Long Successful Career in Law Without Burning out Along the Way 

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Plan Your Growth And Success


Your Destination

Discover where you are in your growth journey in your legal career. I work with you to help you create your vision for the future. This is both an inner and outer vision.

Burnout and Your Blocks

Learn how to avoid burnout so you can continue to advance. Identify the blocks that are stopping you from progressing the way you want to in law. 

Close The Gap

How to close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. This is important no matter what stage you are at in your legal career. 

Who Is My Success Without Burnout Coaching For?  

High performing attorneys who experience any of the following or similar:

  • Feel there is no end to the heavy workload
  • Are concerned that they might become disillusioned with their career
  • Can't work any harder than they are working
  • Find it difficult to "switch off" from work 
  • Wake up worried about a matter they're working on
  • Feel that they don't know what to do next to keep on track
  • Are sometimes stressed to the point of being overwhelmed
  • Are exhausted, even at the weekends
  • Work long hours to the detriment of  relationships
  • A yearning to sustain and reignite the career


Examples of What I Help Clients With

(these can also be signs of burnout) 



Being tired after a big project is one thing, but if you're chronically tired and exhausted, other things in your life may be suffering, including friendships, relationships, and simple everyday tasks. 


Unmanaged stress and experiencing too much stress for too long can mean that we not only feel anxious and overwhelmed, but also disengaged, in despair, and disapppointed. 

Trouble Sleeping

If you're stressed all of the time, your body may be in "fight or flight" mode. This means it can be hard to go to sleep. It can also result in waking up during the night and finding it difficult to get back to sleep. 

Not Looking After Yourself 

Are you ignoring your body's need to eat good quality food and living on junk food? Are you sacrificing exercise and sleep to get through your work? It's time to learn how you can work and take care of yourself at the same time.

Less Enthusiasm

You may have lost some of your enthusiasm and energy for practicing law, work that you really liked, and maybe even loved. You may feel tired of the constant overload. You might be questioning whether you should stay in your career or job. 

Interpersonal Issues

Are you having more disagreements than usual? Are you feeling more isolated and detached from your co-workers? Your personal relationships at work and at home are vital for supporting you and negotiating your life. 


"The coaching with Mary O'Connor has helped me ... I now know that I have a lot of inner resources that I wasn't aware of. 

I feel more alive and see things more clearly now.  

I felt very comfortable with Mary...

I recommend this coaching with Mary to ... anyone who needs to feel more empowered in their lives or who needs more clarity in how to move forward in their lives. "  

Christine Q. 


“The hours I have spent working with Mary have been invaluable…

Mary uncovers and illuminates the areas I have been struggling with.

She focuses in a non-judgmental, empathic, and professional way on my needs… which helps to focus…me.

My relationships, work, and sense of worth have been and continue to improve as a result of my work with Mary.”

Stacey N.

My Success Without Burnout Coaching Is:    

  • One-to-one
  • Private
  • Confidential
  • Conducted on Zoom
  • Customized to your specific interests, needs, and challenges
  • Very much client-oriented
  • Supportive
  • Focused on finding effective coping skills that work for you
  • Mindful of the importance of relationships in your life
  • Aimed at helping you to make changes when your priorities change
  • Committed to helping you create a successful and meaningful life, whatever that means for you

 About Me 

I'm a Former Attorney Turned Wellness Coach 


My name is Mary O'Connor and I live in a beautiful rural part of Ireland. I swim in the sea about once a week and last year started horse riding classes, which I love.

I run my boutique online wellness business, Thriving Fast, from Waterford, a local small city. Through sessions on Zoom, I support high performing attorneys to stay well and avoid burnout so that they can have long successful careers and avoid jeopardizing their future.

I was an attorney in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, for a number of years. It was a lot of hard work and long hours but it was also exciting and fun.

Even though I loved law, I knew I wouldn't work in it forever.

I trained with the Mayo Clinic to become a Certified Wellness Coach. I love helping my clients to explore their goals, motivations, and ambitions, transform them into action, and maintain lasting changes over time.

This could be to help them "switch off" and relax more so that they are not always exhausted and can consequently be more efficient at work or to nurture themselves better, both in their bodies and in their minds, so that they have a strong sense of purpose in life. Having a strong sense of purpose is like having rocket fuel for our lives, it propels us to higher realms in terms of our goals and ambitions.

I also trained with Dr. Gabor Maté and am a Certified Practitioner of Compassionate Inquiry. Compassionate Inquiry helps people talk through the stories that they believe about themselves. These stories can hamper how they present themselves to the world, including how they conduct themselves at work, and how they relate to other people. I love exploring with clients their hidden beliefs and helping them to have a better understanding of themselves and how they behave so that they can be kinder to themselves and let go of the negative self-talk.

In addition to working with attorneys, I volunteer with a charity to help people with mood-related conditions. I also volunteer with Dr. Gabor Maté's organization and am involved in training incoming students.  


Mayo Clinic Trained and Certified Wellness Coach.

Certified in Compassionate Inquiry by Dr. Gabor Maté.

Burnout Doesn't Happen Overnight 

Burnout is the endpoint of unmanaged stress.  If we push ourselves for too long, we may experience an amount of stress that leaves us feeling overwhelmed, disengaged, apathetic, cynical, and possibly disappointed with our lives. This is something you want to avoid.


Lawyers and Burnout  


I used to live in California and, as a former Silicon Valley lawyer, I know what it's like to be "snowed under" with work.

I knew some lawyers who had enough of the never-ending workload. They decided to give up practicing law or they took a break that put them back, in career terms, by a couple of years.

Burnout can be insidious and can sneak up on you. When it happens, it can jeopardize your career and how you live your life.

As a busy lawyer, it can be daunting to consider how your life is going.

If you think you're at risk, it's better to face facts and prioritize protecting your future.

People who tried to avoid thinking about their situation were the most likely to burn out, according to a 2014 Spanish study.  

The World Health Organization has officially included burnout it its Eleventh Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as a occupational phenomenon. 

Burnout Has A Complex Pattern Of Relationships With Health  

According to a 2016 study, "poor health contributes to burnout and burnout and burnout contributes to poor health" (Maslach, et al.). Research has found that burnout is related to cardio-vascular problems and increases the risk for hospital admission for mental health problems. There is also a link between burnout and substance abuse. 

Prevent Burnout

I work with lawyers across the globe to help them have long successful careers without burning out along the way

Online Sessions Available