Confidential Coaching for Attorneys
in Recovery from Alcohol
and Substance Abuse

Expert, trustworthy, and personal help from a Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach and former attorney to help you succeed in recovery and build a better life.



The 7 Things That All Lawyers In Recovery Must Know To
 Calm Addiction Triggers

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Here's What My Clients Are Saying

"Mary exudes serenity and calmness and I...seem to pick up on this which has helped me in turn to find that stillness which I needed so badly.  I was in a very bad place when I joined your class...You have helped me to slow down my thoughts and find the calm and relax...for that I will forever thank you..."  Emer.

"Mary O'Connor helped me by...Being gentle with myself.  Taking care of myself.  Accepting myself.  The result is ongoing...I found the experience very helpful and easy to follow with no pressure and to be patient with myself.  I would recommend Mary O'Connor to people who need tools to help themselves relax and accept themselves as they are."  Fintan.

Hi, I'm Mary O'Connor, LL.M., M.Sc.

I Support Attorneys to Manage their Challenges
in Recovery and Create their Life Beyond it 

I help attorneys create and implement a plan for their unique needs in recovery and to grow beyond low self-worth, feeling alone, and failed relationships.  I help attorneys discover what they can do to cope with stress and anxiety and find their inspiration for what they want in life.

I do this through strategic and expert guidance in confidential one-to-one coaching programs.  I help attorneys identify their ambitions and build the strengths to achieve them, at work and at home.  I also help them cultivate resilience against failures and setbacks.

I used to practice law in Silicon Valley, California.  I am a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach.  I trained with Dr. Gabor Mate, an authority in trauma and addiction, and am a Certified Practitioner of Compassionate Inquiry, his program. 

I have the real-life experience and compassionate coaching practices to reliably help my attorney clients deal with stress and triggers in order to stay in recovery and grow beyond it.  I have experienced struggles in my own life.

No Stigma. No Shame. No Judgment.

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I coach attorneys to stay in recovery from alcohol and substances and empower themselves

Who Is Wellness Recovery
Coaching For?


Below I give some examples but each attorney's triggers and recovery journey from alcohol and
substances are unique.  My service is confidential, respectful, and compassionate.

Junior Associate

They detoxed a year ago but are very concerned about the stigma and shame that can surround addiction.  They are not their true selves at work.  Cannot afford to perform poorly or relapse because that could be a risk to their job.  Their coping skills are limited.  They need to know how to avoid a relapse and start feeling more secure and confident in themselves so that they can be successful in the firm. They also want more close personal relationships and more meaning in their life.

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Senior Associate

Has been in recovery for over a year.  Is anxious about colleagues finding out.  Worries about sabotaging themselves and relapsing because of work pressure.  They feel so isolated.  Sometimes wants to "take the edge off" with substances.  A relapse would affect their work and have serious consequences at the law firm and at home.  If they lose their income, they would not be able to provide for their family.  Wants to make partner and wants to be able to look their spouse "in the eye." 

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Senior Partner

Has been in recovery for three years.  Worries that if partners and clients find out, their reputation will be tarnished and they will lose the best work.  Is anxious that with all of the pressure of being a senior partner, they will relapse and be asked to leave the firm.  Sometimes feels great despair.  ls lonely both at work and at home because of their divorce.  Knows that their relationship with their kids will be damaged further if they relapse.  Wants to have a better peronal life and more friends. 

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What Can You Expect From Wellness
Recovery Coaching With Me?


On a private one-to-one basis, I help you work toward healing and changing your self-dialog and beliefs.  We look at concealed guilt, shame, and regret.  You build the inner resources and toolkit to keep yourself on track and flourish.  Everyone is at different stages so we start with where you are and what lies underneath your challenges.

Compassionate Inquiry

I use Dr. Gabor Mate's approach of "Compassionate Inquiry." 

  • I help you look underneath "the appearance that you present to the world." 
  • We do that at a pace you're comfortable with. 
  • This is the inner work that helps you with the sadness and pain that you might sometimes feel inside. 
  • Dr. Mate states that the "task is to liberate people from the nightmares that they create themselves."  Addiction and relapse can be fuelled by these.
  • You liberate yourself.
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Avoiding Relapse

Together, we look at the thoughts, pressures, and behaviors that could result in a relapse. 

  • We do that so that you can anticipate risks and keep safe. 
  • We look at your struggles and warning signs and what you can do to stay on the path of recovery. 
  • This is always done in a respectful and compassionate way. 
  • Having this knowledge and awareness of yourself helps arm you to sustain your recovery. 
  • You have a toolkit and plan to keep yourself safe. 
  • Together we create hope and optimism.  
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Recovery Capital

This is "the breadth and depth of internal and external resources that can be drawn upon to initiate and sustain recovery..." (Granfield and Cloud, (2001)). 

  • Some of the areas and triggers we delve into are shame, feeling alone, and low self-worth.
  • Together we work on creating more self-belief, coping skills, and a positive view of yourself. 
  • You discover how you can create better relationships and how you can "be yourself" more. 
  • This helps you build a  more meaningful life and empowers you.  
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Here's What My Clients Are Saying


"Learned to sit with myself and feel grounded...
That I acknowledged that I had inner power." 


"The time to really learn to give our body what it needs - to never be harsh but always kind to ourselves."


"Mary helped me by learning to relax...the result was I feel less stressed with [sic] situations arise."


"Learning healthy productive ways to quieting my mind."


"I would recommend Mary O'Connor to people who...may worry about things...."


"The class gets me through the week." 

Learn How To Calm Your Triggers
BEFORE They Overwhelm You


With the developments in neuroscience, you no longer have to
guess at what helps you to calm your addiction triggers.

The 7 Things That All Lawyers in Addiction Recovery Must Know About Addiction Triggers

The 7 Things That All Lawyers In Recovery Must Know To
Calm Addiction Triggers


Calm Your Addiction Triggers and PREVENT Relapse With These 7 Tactics

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Here's What My Clients Are Saying

"The coaching with Mary O'Connor has helped me by showing me how empowered I am.  It quickly resulted in my realizing what a very capable person I am.  It also resulted in my realizing that I have the inner strength to deal with anything that comes down the line to me.  I now know that I have a lot of inner resources that I wasn't aware of.  As a result of the coaching with Mary, I'm going to go forward with a much lighter step.  I feel more alive and see things more clearly now.  Mary has the gift of being able to draw things out from people.  I felt very comfortable with Mary because she had an easy and comfortable way of talking with me.  I recommend this coaching with Mary to anyone, particulary anyone who needs to feel more empowered in their lives or who needs more clarity in how to move forward in their lives.  It has been a very good lesson for me."  Christine. 


I Support You To Manage Your Challenges In Recovery
And Create Your Life Beyond It