My Story

Hi, I'm Mary O'Connor. Having grown up in Ireland, I’m familiar with addiction. In addition, I struggled with my own relationships to food and work, not realizing that they were addictions and not knowing how to address the dynamic that drove them.

Everything changed when I began to understand the basis of my triggers and what I could do to avoid them and soothe them in a healthy way.

After much studying and training, I learned that my addictions had a function in my life. I incorporated the teachings of Dr. Gabor Maté to find out the needs that were being met by my addictions, for instance, relief from stress, escape from pain, or a source of pleasure, and explored how I can meet those needs so that I am not dependent on my addictions.

As Dr. Gabor Maté explains, when we realize that addictive behavior gave us something that we truly needed, then we can stop blaming ourselves for our addiction.

It can be difficult for us to ask for help. That is understandable. If you don’t ask, you might be giving up on an opportunity. You might be resigning yourself to unhappiness, instead of giving yourself the chance to realize who you are underneath the dialog in your head and grow towards your potential in life, personal and professional.

What I Do


I help attorneys create and implement a plan for their unique needs in recovery and to grow beyond low self-worth, feeling alone, and failed relationships. 

I help attorneys discover what they can do to cope with stress and anxiety and find their inspiration for what they want in life.

I do this through strategic and expert guidance in confidential one-to-one online mentoring programs.  I help attorneys identify their ambitions and build the strengths to achieve them, at work and at home.  I help them cultivate resilience against failures and setbacks.

I used to practice law in Silicon Valley, California.  I am a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach.  I trained with Dr. Gabor Maté, an authority in trauma and addiction, and am a Certified Practitioner of Compassionate Inquiry, his program. 

I have the real-life experience and compassionate mentoring practices to reliably help my attorney clients deal with stress and triggers in order to stay in recovery and grow beyond it.  I have experienced struggles in my own life.


No Stigma. No Shame. No Judgment.

Are you ready to succeed in recovery and build a better life?

First, I would like to ensure that recovery mentoring is the right fit for you.

Please complete the form below and click the submit button. I will get back to you within one to three business days. 

Contact Details

My contact details are:  Thriving Fast, Fumbally Exchange, Brick Lane, Greyfriars, Waterford, X91 PX53, Ireland.